UnidosUS Action Fund is a Latino advocacy organization that works to expand the influence and political power of the Latino community through civic engagement and issue-based campaigns.

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Don't Open The Door #KnowYourRights t.co/iDBPu6Xn99

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Latino Victory

Mike Pence is angrier that marriage equality is the law of the land than the fact that his administration is puttin… t.co/KJ7mBtHKnG

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Sunrise Movement 🌅

This is downtown New Orleans right now...and the soon-to-be #HurricaneBarry hasn't even hit yet. Our thoughts are… t.co/upXaLa9Cyo

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NBC News

Key Trump admin. vacancies with acting leaders: Acting Labor secretary Acting Defense secretary Acting DHS secreta… t.co/V30fnTKJ95

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UnidosUS Action Fund

Women's health is being attacked, we can't and won't stop fighting for the millions of people who get care through… t.co/uOFwkVU183

"The Latino Vote can change the course of an election. Let us make our voices heard!"

~ Danny Ortega, Chairman of UnidosUS Action Fund