UnidosUS Action Fund is a Latino advocacy organization that works to expand the influence and political power of the Latino community through civic engagement and issue-based campaigns.

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Tax March 🚌

Women and people of color “power some of our largest, fastest-growing, and most important industries.” When women… t.co/qJlShRzz5X

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Nanette D. Barragán

Pleased to announce that the 13 year old U.S. citizen girl & her mother have been released from detention after… t.co/iLEnbWVM5W

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UnidosUS Action Fund

"Nowhere in America today can a full-time worker making the federal minimum wage afford the basic needs of life.… t.co/eAAguyia9h

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"There's a racial division in this country that's being instigated by the president," Le Batard said. "And we here… t.co/SosxMdGGEc

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United We Dream

Refugee families will die if the administration shuts down the resettlement program!!! We will not back down.… t.co/S1oVD0RbkY

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"The Latino Vote can change the course of an election. Let us make our voices heard!"

~ Danny Ortega, Chairman of UnidosUS Action Fund