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The UnidosUS Action Fund is a 501(c4) that serves to promote the civil rights and interests of the Latino community in the United States. Its mission is to support legislative and electoral efforts that align with it sister organization, UnidosUS, especially those aimed at enhancing the social, economic, and political wellbeing of Latinos. Through various activities, including lobbying for policies that benefit Latinos, supporting candidates that champion our agenda for political office, and mobilizing voters on issues critical to their communities, such as immigration reform, education, and healthcare.


  • What does the UnidosUS Action Fund Do?
    UnidosUS Action Fund takes the courageous policy visions outlined by our sister organization, UnidosUS, and works to make them a reality. To do so, UnidosUS Action Fund employs a two-pronged "inside-outside" strategy. Inside Washington, D.C., we deploy our well-respected government relations team to directly meet with and influence lawmakers. Outside Washington, D.C., our regional field staff works directly with leading grassroots activists to build support for policies in a lawmaker's backyard. Both teams work together to hold members of Congress accountable to their constituents, advance policy, and block attacks on the Latino community.
  • I Already Support UnidosUS. Is That the Same Thing?
    No. The UnidosUS Action Fund is the UnidosUS sister organization. Both UnidosUS Action Fund and UnidosUS are committed to advancing policies that support Latinos in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. UnidosUS founded UnidosUS Action with the goal of creating an organization that can take meaningful action to hold members of Congress accountable. UnidosUS Action applies direct pressure to lawmakers so Washington is compelled to adopt policies that support Latinos, and coordinates a national campaign to apply additional pressure from constituents.
  • Is Your Organization Tax Deductible (Like UnidosUS)?
    Unlike UnidosUS, UnidosUS Action Fund is not tax-deductible. This is due to our different legal status-- we are a 501 (c) (4) organization, rather than UnidosUS, which is a 501 (c) (3) organizaiton. This different classification is what alows us to engage in bolder advocacy to advance issues that are important to Latinos.

For more information on how you can get involved, email us at

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