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Statement from UnidosUS Action Fund Executive Director Rafael Collazo on the deadly shootings in Buffalo, NY, and Laguna Woods, CA.

May 17, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C.-- --“This past weekend our country once again witnessed the senseless and vile killings of people of color in Buffalo, NY, and Laguna Woods, CA. And once again, innocent lives were lost to our nation’s obsession with guns and the scourge of bigotry, which is poisoning the minds of millions of Americans and promoted recklessly by television personalities such as Tucker Carlson and our nation’s elected leaders like House Republican Conference Chair Elisse Stefanik. “Rep. Stefanik and Tucker Carlson, along with the regular cast of dog whistle Republicans Paul Gosar, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Andy Biggs, have and continue to repeat the racist “great replacement” theory that seemingly inspired 18-year-old Peyton Gendron to target and kill Black people at a supermarket in Buffalo. In Laguna Woods, the senseless killings were done by a 68-year-old David Chou, who espoused hatred for Taiwanese people and traveled from Las Vegas, Nevada to commit this heinous act. And if not for the courageous acts of Buffalo retired police officer Aaron Salter and Laguna Woods Dr. John Cheng, many more individuals would have been shot and possibly killed.

“Racist and bigoted hate speech continues to plague our country and squarely puts a target on the back of communities of color. We call on our elected officials, Republican leaders, news, and television networks, along with social media platforms to not only condemn, but monitor the toxic rhetoric that is inspiring these mass murders here at home and around the world. 

“The UnidosUS Action Fund is committed to ensuring Latino voters across the country know which candidates are embracing, promoting, and fostering bigoted white supremacist rhetoric as part of their platforms in this year’s mid-term and future elections. We cannot and will not allow elected officials and candidates to further spew these hateful and un-American ideals without any accountability. It is time to call out these bigots and racists and expose them for what they are.”


UnidosUS Action Fund is committed to building Latinx political power to strengthen families and communities.

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