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UnidosUS Action Fund Endorses
Charlie Crist, Josh Shapiro, and Beto O’Rourke in Three Key 2022 Gubernatorial Races

Nov 1, 2022

WASHINGTON – The UnidosUS Action Fund is proud to announce its endorsement in three key Gubernatorial races in the 2022 Midterm Elections.

“This year’s midterm elections are the most consequential election in recent years. So much is at stake for the future of our country and Latino families, which is why the UnidosUS Action Fund is proud to endorse Charlie Crist for Governor of Florida, Josh Shapiro for Governor of Pennsylvania, and Beto O’Rourke for Governor of Texas,” said Rafael Collazo, Executive Director of the UnidosUS Action Fund.

“It is paramount to elect leaders that will do the hard work to expand opportunities for Latino families and not use them as political pawns. Unfortunately, we have witnessed this demonization by Governors Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida, as they cruelly transported migrants to other states with false promises of jobs, housing, and other services. Pennsylvania Republican Gubernatorial Doug Mastriano recently laid out a plan like his Republican colleagues stated that he would begin immediately bussing immigrants across state lines if elected.

“Governors Abbott and DeSantis have also failed to contain the availability of guns in their state, weakening gun laws, while ignoring the pleas and heartache of victim’s families in Uvalde and Parkland. Doug Mastriano has sponsored legislation that would allow school personnel to carry guns and has defended past remarks comparing gun restrictions to policies in Nazi Germany.

“Abbott, DeSantis, and Mastriano are dangers to our democracy. They have not done anything to alleviate economic hardships for families, they have ignored the affordable housing crisis in their states, they want to restrict women’s rights to choose what is best for their them, and they have actively worked to make it difficult for communities of color to exercise their right to vote.

“Once again, Latino voters will play a decisive role in determining our leaders and there is too much at stake for Latino families to stay at home and not vote. We are supporting Crist, Shapiro, and O’Rourke because we believe they will expand opportunities for Latino and working families, work to ensure Latino families feel welcomed and protected, work to ensure Latina scan make their own decisions as it relates to their healthcare, will work to ensure the right to

vote, while maintaining fair and transparent elections. Latino voters have the power to make their voices heard next Tuesday, November 8, and I urge them to vote for these qualified and experienced candidates.

UnidosUS Action Fund Endorsements for Governor of Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas For Governor of Florida – Charlie Christ (D)For Governor of Pennsylvania – Josh Shapiro (D)For Governor of Texas – Beto O’Rourke (D) 


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