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UnidosUS Action Fund Stands In Support of Flores, Equity

Feb 9, 2022

WASHINGTON -- Statement from Rafael Collazo, the Executive Director of the UnidosUS Action Fund, in support of former Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores’ lawsuit against the NFL.

“As a Latino advocacy organization, the UnidosUS Action Fund stands in solidarity with Brian Flores – the son of Honduran immigrants – in his courageous stance for equity and justice for not only African Americans, but for Latinos and Afro-Latinos in the National Football League (NFL). Much like Hall of Fame Coach Tom Flores and current Washington Commanders Head Coach Ron Rivera, Coach Brian Flores has helped pave the way for other minority coaches in the league.

I applaud Coach Flores for taking on the NFL’s deficient inclusion initiatives by publicly calling out – in his lawsuit – its half-hearted attempts at diversifying their coaching and executive ranks. Despite his impressive three-year coaching career with the Miami Dolphins, Coach Flores was fired from his position as head coach last month, a surprise to many in and around the NFL. In a professional sports league, where close to 70% of the players are African American, there are only two Black head football coaches currently in the NFL. For far too long, the NFL and its owners have talked about their commitment to hiring minority position coaches, head coaches, and front office personnel. Unfortunately, the NFL and its owners’ lack of transparency and genuine commitment to ensuring that qualified candidates of color are given an actual opportunity to demonstrate their abilities to lead NFL teams has been brought to the light of day by this lawsuit.  The UnidosUS Action Fund stands in full support of Mr. Flores and his fight to ensure fair and equitable hiring practices for coaches of color are the norm and no longer the exception in the NFL.”


The UnidosUS Action Fund works to expand the influence and political power of the Latino community through civic engagement and accountability. 

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