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The UnidosUS Action Fund Launches Ad to Move on from Bipartisan Immigration Negotiations

Rafael Collazo

June 24, 2021 

WASHINGTON --  The UnidosUS Action Fund launched a new video ad calling on Democrats in Congress to include a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants in recovery legislation, given that bipartisan negotiations with Republicans are making little progress. The digital ad, backed by a five-figure buy that includes voiceover by UnidosUS Action Fund President Janet Murguía, will target the DMV area with a special emphasis on Latinos.


Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen Latinos disproportionately affected by the virus. Latinos are twice as likely to contract the coronavirus compared to their White counterparts and more than four times as likely to die from COVID-19. Meanwhile, Latinos, including those who are undocumented, are overrepresented in the jobs deemed essential by the U.S. government during this once in a generation health crisis.  The UnidosUS Action Fund believes that we have a short window of opportunity to deliver the equitable and inclusive pandemic response that our nation needs and in order to “build back better,” our nation’s leaders must include a path to citizenship for immigrant workers helping our country recover from the pandemic. With a lack of apparent progress on bipartisan immigration talks, the UnidosUS Action Fund is among the first major Latino civil rights groups to call on Congress to suspend those discussions and include citizenship in recovery legislation.


The ad is available here and the script is below.




The COVID-19 pandemic hit all of us hard but thanks to America’s essential workers, America was able to keep going.


Now we must stand up for those who have been on the front lines and putting themselves at risk for us, include five million undocumented workers.


Americans in both parties overwhelmingly support a path to citizenship for these workers and we are trying to get legislation through Congress.


But Republicans are standing in the way.  They keep moving the goalposts and are not acting in good faith.


We want a bipartisan solution but that’s not possible because of Republican obstruction.


We need to move on. We can’t keep our essential workers waiting.  It’s time to add a path to citizenship to recovery legislation.  Successfully “Building Back better” now depends on us, no matter who stands in the way. 


The UnidosUS Action Fund works to expand the influence and political power of the Latino community through civic engagement and accountability. 

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