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Statement from UnidosUS Action Fund on Trump at the Border.

Feb 29, 2024

UnidosUS Action Fund vehemently condemns the virulent and false anti-immigrant rhetoric of former President Trump today at the border and throughout his campaign and the cruel and needless stunts of Texas Governor Greg Abbott that have stood in the way of a sensible, humane, and effective solution to address the situation at the southern border and in our broken immigration system.


While we did not support the bipartisan border bill, President Biden's recent work stands in marked contrast to the political antics of both the former President and Governor Abott. His visit to the border reflects an earnest attempt to address the complex issues of immigration and border security, while former President Trump continues to politicize human suffering and sabotage bipartisan solutions to address our border challenges.


Governor Greg Abbott's approach, which has militarized sections of the Texas border and put the lives of migrants and law enforcement at risk, does nothing to respond to the migrant crisis or alleviate the real challenges facing our border or communities.   

Trump’s hateful rhetoric today, while not new, continues to betray an alarming lack of understanding and concern about the immigrant community, particularly Latinos. Polling consistently shows that Latinos want a humane approach to border security, more legal immigration, and the resolution of the status of the long-settled undocumented, including DREAMers. 


The Latino community wants and deserves leaders who will work tirelessly to address the urgent needs of their families, communities, and country and set politics aside to foster an environment where Latinos and all Americans can live with dignity and justice. We ask these leaders to denounce the Trump and Abbott brand of ugly, divisive politics and work instead in a bipartisan way to solve our nation’s biggest challenges consistent with our values at the heart of our great nation. 

Rafael Collazo

Executive Director of the UnidosUS Action Fund

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