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Statement on the Failure of Paid Family Medical Leave Bill in New Mexico

Mar 23, 2023

Today, UnidosUS Action Fund is profoundly disappointed to learn that last week, New Mexico state legislators failed to deliver on a monumental paid leave bill that would have delivered up to 12 weeks (or 3 months) of paid leave annually, allowing hard-working New Mexicans to take time off following the birth of a child or after a medical emergency.

“We believe that no one who works should have to choose between taking care of their family or paying that month’s bill. No one should lose their job or income because they are taking care of their family. State legislators in New Mexico looking to engage the 2.1 million Latinos in the state missed a critical window to value Latinos’ economic contributions to the state.” Rafael Collazo, Executive Director of UnidosUS Action Fund said. “More than a family-friendly policy, a New Mexico paid leave programwould have strengthened the state’s economy and supported small businesses across the state. It wouldhave met Latinos’ where they are, alleviating concerns of making ends’ meet.”

The paid leave proposal reflected years of hard work by advocates, containing collaborative feedbackfrom a task force consisting of state advocacy groups, including UnidosUS Affiliate Encuentro, labor union representatives, and business owners. UnidosUS Action Fund will continue to support advocates on the ground, supporting efforts to pass paid leave in the state and the country, and pushing Latinos’economic contributions and concerns to the forefront.

The Unidos US Action Fund is a Latino advocacy organization committed to building political poweramong the 62.1 million Latinos in the US, including the 2.1 million Latinos in New Mexico that make up almost 50% of the state’s population.

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