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The UnidosUS Action Fund Promotes Rafael Collazo to Executive Director

Mar 1, 2021

WASHINGTON -- The UnidosUS Action Fund today announced it has promoted Rafael Collazo to Executive Director of the organization. Collazo has been with the Action Fund since its inception in 2011, most recently as its Director of Political Campaigns. Prior to that, Collazo was the Deputy Director of Democracia USA, a national nonprofit voter registration and civic engagement organization dedicated to the Latino community in the United States.


In his new role, Collazo will be responsible for spearheading the Action Fund’s communication strategies of our issue agenda boldly and consistently to the White House, Congressional leadership, and swing members of the Senate. This will include prioritizing outreach in states such as Arizona, Florida, Texas and Pennsylvania. Under Collazo’s leadership, the UnidosUS Action Fund will make it politically unpalatable for moderate Democrats and key Senate Republicans in priority states, including Arizona, Colorado, Florida and Pennsylvania, to vote against immigrant inclusion in COVID relief packages or subsequent immigrant legalization legislation, among other issues.


Collazo’s promotion marks the first time an individual of Puerto Rican descent leads operations at the partisan arm of the UnidosUS.



UnidosUS Action Fund is committed to building Latinx political power to strengthen families and communities.

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