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UnidosUS Action Comments on Reports of barbaric actions by Texas State Troopers at the Border

Jul 20, 2023

Washington, D.C. --- The UnidosUS Action Fund is appalled by the cruel, merciless, and barbaric actions that are happening on Governor Greg Abbott’s watch at the Texas Rio Grande border by the Texas National Guard. These aggressions only further exacerbate violence against migrant and refugee communities—including babies and children—many of whom already suffered dangerous threats in their home countries and on their journeys in search of protection and safety. We are thankful for the Department of Justice for looking into the matter and strongly encourage them to open an investigation to hold the appropriate entities accountable. We must do all we can to prevent another shameful atrocity like this from ever occurring again on our soil. 


“Accountability must happen at the highest level, especially Governor Greg Abbott, to address these atrocities happening on our southern border by the Texas National Guard. These actions are inhumane and arguably criminal,” said UnidosUS Action Fund Executive Director Rafael Collazo. “The UnidosUS Action Fund calls on all pertinent federal authorities, including the President of the United States, to take immediate action to investigate this horrific behavior enacted by the State of Texas and cease this inhumane treatment. These actions are against our basic moral values,” said Collazo.

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