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UnidosUS Action Fund Announces Slate of Endorsements for Arizona 2022 State Races

Nov 1, 2022

WASHINGTON – The UnidosUS Action Fund is proud to announce its slate of endorsements for the Arizona state races for the 2022 Midterm Elections.

“We are proud to endorse these highly qualified and experienced candidates in Arizona who will work to address the many challenges facing the Latino community,” said Rafael Collazo, Executive Director of the UnidosUS Action Fund. “These men and women will work to ease the economic concerns for Latino and working families, address inequities in education, protect the right to vote for all Arizonans, while maintaining fair and transparent elections.

“It is imperative that Latino voters in Arizona understand that too much is at stake to allow candidates that demonize Latino families, associate with hate groups, and believe that the 2020election was stolen be elected to govern. Latino voters have the power and will once again play a major role in determining the future of our country. I urge them to vote for these qualified and experienced candidates next Tuesday, November 8th.”

UnidosUS Action Fund Endorsements for Arizona State 2022 Midterm Election U.S. Senate – Mark Kelly (D)Governor – Katie Hobbs (D)Secretary of State – Adrian Fontes (D)Attorney General – Kris Mayes (D)State Treasurer – Martin Quezada (D)Superintendent of Public Instruction – Kathy Hoffman (D)


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