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UnidosUS Action Fund Statement on Signing of Fiscal Responsibility Act

Jun 2, 2023

As the Executive Director of the UnidosUS Action Fund, I am deeply concerned about the recent vote to raise the debt ceiling and its impact on the Latino community. While a deal was ultimately reached, it is critical to address the ongoing advocacy of Republicans for policies and programs that are detrimental to everyday Americans and Latino families.

Republican leaders’ refusal to pass a clean debt ceiling increase, despite doing so three times during the Trump administration, reveals their hypocrisy and double standards.

If the extremist Republicans had gotten their way, they would have crippled our economy and continued their assault on working families. It is alarming, but unfortunately not surprising, to witness their persistent efforts to dismantle vital programs that provide crucial support to those in need.

While I applaud the compromise reached by President Biden and Congress, we must acknowledge the great cost it imposes on millions of American and Latino families. The inclusion of "work requirements" for recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) creates additional and unnecessary hurdles at a time when so many families are in dire need of assistance.

The UnidosUS Action Fund remains committed to standing up for Latino families and all marginalized communities. We will continue to fight against policies that perpetuate inequality and economic hardship. It is imperative that we work together to build a future where every individual, regardless of their background, has access to opportunities for success and prosperity.

Specifically, we expect Republican lawmakers to attempt further budget cuts to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in upcoming Farm Bill reauthorization process. It is imperative that the Latino community stands united in defense of SNAP and similar federal programs that literally keep food on the tables for families struggling to afford the basic necessities.

We call on Republican leaders to reconsider their harmful agenda and prioritize the needs of the American people. It is time to reject policies that only serve the interests of a few, and instead focus on building a stronger, more inclusive nation that uplifts and supports all Americans.

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